Smart engineering with the highest form of safety!

Smart engineering solutions can provide a considerable advantage. Just think about more safety for your employees, a higher process efficiency and improved competitiveness. BKL develops solutions that meet your requirements. As a technical service provider, we can provide the entire engineering process, from the definition phase until commissioning of the final product. Safety is of paramount importance to us and is therefore taken into consideration for the whole life cycle of the product. That is our engineering service for high-quality hoisting and lifting tools, mechanics and industrial modules.

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For BKL, safety is of leading importance. Safety starts early in the design process of your new product.



Smart engineering solutions can provide a considerable advantage.



Who would you entrust with the production of your small-scale, complex series?



Do your machines and tools still comply with legal standards? Can they be safely operated by your employees?



Are you looking for knowledge and expertise outside of your particular line of business?

Up to the challenge

Strength through cooperation. Under the name Anvil Industries, seven companies are combining their knowledge and experience in machining, welded assemblies and mechanical assembly. Each one is a specialist with many years experience and expertise, each company unique. Together they provide seamless complementary services in terms of operations, production volume, precision and scale. Anvil Industries takes everything out of your hands with a high delivery reliability. Top performance, time after time.

BKL is a member of:

TronAir Service Center

BKL is proud to be an authorized Service & Repair Center for TronAir Ground Support Equipment (GSE).

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