ABS Lift Tool (Machine)

BKL delivers beautiful Lift Tool (machine) to its customer!

What a great accomplishment.

This UL approved tool (machine) is developed in collaboration with our customer ASML Wilton.
It’s designed so that an operator can safely lift the piece (that’s fitted in the middle part between the four columns onto a support frame) to perform different intricate installation actions onto the piece.

The “module” itself arrives on an ATV (Automated Transport Vehicle) which parks itself between the four columns.
Special attention has been paid to safety and ergonomics. The machine monitors the area underneath the load so technicians can work safely underneath the machine.
If two operators operate the machine, this functionality can be muted temporarily to remove and install the “module”.
This is a perfect example of how safety features can be implemented without interrupting the customers workflow.

BKL has used his standardized user friendly Human Interface Layout so that the look & feel of all (BKL) tools (machines) is the same.

The total tool (machine) is about 3,75 meters wide and about 1,6 meters high and has a WLL of 8600 kg.

In total BKL will deliver 4 of these Tools (machines) to its customer.

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