Commissioning Iron sulphate dosing installation at EPZ

Commissioning Iron sulphate dosing installation at EPZ

Elektriciteits-Produktiemaatschappij Zuid-Nederland (EPZ) has been using the Ferrous Sulphate dosing installation in its nuclear power plant for some time now. This installation has been completely developed, built, tested and installed by BKL.

It is an integrated system that enables EPZ to make the saline solution in an ergonomic and safe way.

This saline solution is frequently used to flush the piping of the power plant’s cooling water system.

The installation consists of:
– A scissor table for raising pallets with bags of supplied ferrous sulphate powder.
– A working platform for the user
– A balancer and manipulator that helps the user easily move the bags to the transport module
– A ferrous sulphate transport module where the user can safely remove and dose the powder from the bags with a glovebox
– A dosing tank with mixer where the saline solution is prepared
– Pipework, valves and a mono-pump for the automated control of the water supply and outflow of the saline solution
– A Human machine interface unit for controlling the entire process

Much attention has been paid to creating a safe working environment exposure to the powder is minimized, and the user is maximally supported in handling heavy loads.

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