Hoist tool development

To perform a hoist action with one crane, height (H) is required for the crane straight above the destination of the hoisted mass. When this height is not available, an alternative hoisting solution is required.

In only 8 weeks BKL Engineering B.V. designed and built this alternative hoisting solution, including a crate to ship it.

To perform the alternative hoisting action a second portal crane was installed. The hoisting solution comprises of a non-fixed load lifting adapter (hoist tool), which needs to be hoisted simultaneously by the two cranes. In close cooperation with the customer, BKL has succeeded in delivery of the hoist tool and its packaging within the available time frame.

The design of the hoisting tool is in accordance with the European Machine Directive (2006/42/EC).

Tool is designed according to the following standards:

  • NEN-EN 13155:2003+A2:2009 (non-fixed load lifting attachments)
  • NEN-EN-ISO 12100:2010 (safety of machinery)
  • ASME B30.20-2013 (Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices)
  • ASME BTH-1-2014 (Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices)

Tool is designed with Safety factor 3 with respect to the yield stress. (SEMI S2).

Tool specifications:

  • Work Load Limit: 1000kg.
  • Loadtested: 2000kg.
  • Tool dimensions: 3960 x 1160 x 1600 mm.
  • Tool Mass: 300kg.
  • Tool material: Steel (powdercoated).
  • Complete construction file (manual, strength calculations, test specifications and CE declaration of conformity).

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