Installation of inspection and repair system at Agfa-Gevaert

Agfa-Gevaert is the producer of polyester-based films enriched with coatings for specific applications During production, these films are rolled-up on coils covered with a special nylon sleeve. To ensure quality, the sleeved coils undergo a regular quality check. Working closely together with Agfa-Gevaert, BKL has developed a special system enabling Agfa-Gevaert to perform these inspections and repairs in a more ergonomical and efficient way.

The system is designed to support the operator in almost every step associated with servicing the incoming coils. These steps include:

  • An adapted-scissor-lift station for unstacking the coils from a transport pallet
  • A station enabling
    • Visual inspection
    • Nylon sleeve removal
    • Automatic weighing of the coils
  • A special tilting device enabling
    • Ejection of faulty coils and coils that require application of a new sleeve
    • Insertion of coils with a new sleeve
    • Application of tape to attach the new sleeve to the coils
    • Station for stacking the coils that have been approved onto a transport pallet
  • Rail support system enabling easy handling of the coils between the different stations

The system has been manufactured by BKL and recently installed on-site.

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