Oven loading cart Batch-HT

Philips Lighting, located in Uden, is specialized in the manufacturing and development of ceramic lamps. A wide diversity of lamps are being produced, each with their own wattage, color, etc. The dimensions for each type of lamps varies in diameters of  6.5 to 20.1 mm (see figure below).

A part of these lamps are produced fully automatic and the other part semi-automatic. The final step in the semi-automatic process is baking the lamps to about 1800 degrees Celsius.  A few thousand lamps are baked at the same time.  The lamps are placed in trays, which are stacked in the oven. It’s  a manually and time-consuming process to place the lamps in the trays and to stack the trays. To use the oven as effectively as possible, the  trays with lamps have to be removed as soon as possible  in and out of the oven. To make this possible, BKL has developed an Ovenloader, which can take a prepared stack of trays with lamps in one action in and out the oven.

The Ovenloader consists of a wheeled stand, which can be ridden directly from the set-up location to the oven (and vise versa). On this wheeled stand a horizontal slide has been placed. With the aid of this slide the load is removed from the oven. The vertical slide allowing a smooth movement with which the loading is deposited or picked up from the oven.

During the loading of the trays, the Ovenloader is linked to the oven. This ensures the position of the Ovenloader compared to the oven. As a result, the loading is positioned exactly in the center of the oven every time. This is essential for the baking process of the lamps.

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