Universal Test Rig for Fokker Landing Gear

BKL Engineering B.V. has built and designed  a qualification Test Rig for Fokker Landing Gear (FLG) in Helmond.

Nose Landing Gear (NLG) will validate this Test Rig according to strict acceptance test procedures of FLG. The Test Rig can implement and document about twenty different acceptance tests virtually automatic by a comprehensive database.  Both, motion controlled vertical and rotating movements and a quite a number of hydraulic tests, will be tested.

The Test Rig is universal designed and is well suited for several NLG’s and future NLG’s.

In May 2015 the Test Rig has been positioned at FLG and in early June 2015 the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) has been successfully completed.

With the shared knowledge and expertise between, BKL and its partners Test & Measurement Solutions and Hydro Vasli, the project of FLG has been successfully completed.

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