About us

About us

BKL (Smart Engineering works)
BKL is a technical service provider in mechanics and mechatronics. We develop high-quality solutions enabling clients to work smarter, more efficiently and above all more safely: hoisting and lifting tools, industrial modules and machines. Our range of services include engineering, inspections, services and manufacturing. We provide services for partial processes and overall solutions.

Your safety, our DNA
The users of your hoisting and lifting tools, modules and machines are your employees, your human capital. Their safety is of paramount importance. That is why we develop machines that can be operated easily, are user-friendly and enable safe working. Moreover, a safe working environment for your employees encourages their sense of enjoyment and commitment; it reduces the chance of incidents and supports continuity.

High-tech solutions
On a daily basis, a team of forty experts work on inherently safe solutions. We operate throughout the world and we are OEM supplier for such high-tech industries as ASML, FEI and Philips Lighting – basically, for any organization not wanting to compromise on safety.

Collse Heide 1
5674 VM Nuenen
The Netherlands

BKL Services s.r.o.
Tuřanka 108
CZ-62700 Brno
Czech Republic

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