BKL’s strengthened proposition as member of Anvil Industries

Anvil Industries

Over a year ago, BKL became part of Anvil Industries: a group of 7 companies each with its unique know-how and many years of experience (see link). Backed by the long-term investor company VADO, this acquisition enabled BKL to strengthen and improve its position.

Coen Aarts, commercial director of BKL: “Initiating and finding valuable collaborations within the group went faster than expected. If you look at our current projects, you can clearly see that we are already reaping the benefits”

In engineering we’re now much more capable of dealing with volatile capacity demands, and also have a broader range of know-how we can rely on. For this purpose we actively work together with our sister company Contour Advanced Systems, for example. We help them with complex safety-related product requirements, and they help us with both electrical engineering, and also best practices learned from markets BKL does not serve today.

Specialized sister companies like Rols, Jansen, and JobPrecision have years of experience in machining simple to complex parts, in both low and high volumes. Together with the design, assembly, testing, and service capabilities at BKL, we can truly provide a total solution to our customers: from concept design to serial production of subassemblies and modules, and of course our installed base services.

With VADO as an investor, not only can we now take on larger multidisciplinary projects: we’re also in a position to realize our ambitious growth plans. Entrepreneurship is truly being stimulated by our new owner.

Coen sees a bright future: “Customers can still rely on the short communication lines and the flexibility BKL can provide, but can also go the next level by entrusting larger projects and production volumes. The latter we can organize by setting up specific co-operations within the group.  Customers can benefit from the capacity and the experience of the whole Anvil group with one single point of contact.”

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