Decreasing work-related accidents.

This article (Dutch) states that more work – related accidents have occurred in 2019 than in 2018.
What can employers and employees do to reduce the risks of work-related accidents?

Create awareness
Employers and employees should be more aware of safety in the workplace.
Nobody wants accidents to happen, regardless of any resulting human injury.
Common excuses for complacency are: “Nothing ever happened in my company” and “We’ve been doing this for years”.
It may seem as if people are not exposed to risks, but instead, people are simply getting used to the risks and do not recognize them as such anymore.
This does not mean that the risks are not there.

Risk assessment of a machine or situation
With the aid of a risk assessment, the risks of a machine or situation can be assessed and reduced, to achieve adequate risk reduction. Risk assessments may seem like a lot of effort and cost at first, but an incident resulting in human injury will be far more disruptive.

Assessing machinery before it is bought
When an employer intends to buy (CE marked) machinery for use by employees, it is especially important to do an assessment of this machinery before it is bought. It must also be kept safe during the entire period of use.

Ultimately, you should want to work in a safe work environment.
Not because it is required by law, but because you don’t want anybody to be involved in an accident.

Market-surveillance (I-SZW) has announced a more strict supervision on prevention of these accidents.

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