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Engineering with the highest form of safety
Smart engineering solutions can provide a considerable advantage. Just think, for instance, of more safety for your employees, more process efficiency and improved competitiveness. BKL develops solutions to meet your requirements. As a technical service provider, we can provide the entire engineering process, from the definition phase until commissioning of the final product. Safety is of paramount importance to us. That is our engineering service for high-quality hoisting and lifting tools, mechanics and industrial modules.

Creating added value with the problem definition
High-quality engineering starts with thorough preparation. Investing in this will truly be worth your while; the better the issue is described, the better the solution. Our engineers are sensitive to what is needed. What is your method of operation? What do you want to achieve? How is your process organized? What are your employees’ expectations? We want to get to know what motivates you. The more we know, the better we will be able to provide our services. Guiding principle for our activities is the fact that safety is paramount and human life invaluable. We leave nothing to chance and we do not compromise on safety and, therefore, our engineering includes a risk analysis resulting in the risk-reducing measures required.

Structural analysis and man/machine interaction
Would you like your employees to operate hoisting and lifting tools, modules and machine more safely? More efficiently? More sustainably? The BKL engineers will create added value by designing from a man/machine interaction. A strength and rigidness analysis, calculated both manually and by FEM (Finite Element Method), is part of the process. In consultation with you, concepts are developed and ideas are evaluated. Therefore, a solution is tailored to your method of operation and in line with your objectives. Concepts are then detailed in drawings as a starting point for increased safety, better ergonomics and more efficiency.

CE documentation as proof of safety
Because our engineering is based on high safety standards, your machines and tools will comply with laws and regulations, resulting in – if required – a CE declaration to emphasize good entrepreneurship and the CSR concept. Your machine or tools are provided with a full – CE-certificate worthy – Technical Construction File to prove that you have complied with all requirements to enable safe operation. CE documentation will always comprise a risk analysis, calculations, test documents, a manual, maintenance document and an IIA declaration of the product delivered.

Next steps
Following the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) will be conducted to guarantee that you will be provided with the solution you need and that it can be operated in your environment. You can also count on BKL with regard to project management. Our project managers have been IPMA trained, offering the guarantee that your engineering project will be carried out to perfection.

More information?
Are you as driven as we are? Are we the party you are looking for? We would be more than happy to discuss the engineering solutions BKL can provide you with.

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