Experts in Inspection

More safety due to more guarantees
Do your machines and tools still comply with legal standards? Can they be safely operated by your employees? Are they still in a condition to guarantee the quality that meets your customers’ expectations?

BKL provides information. We are safety experts and specialize in hoisting and lifting tools. As a manufacturer, we know these tools inside and out and as an inspection body we are ISO 17020:2012 (I 229, type C) accredited. We provide a broad range of services: from demonstrating the suitability for first use to conducting periodic inspections, tests and examinations.

BKL offers guarantees. Guiding principle in all our activities is our passion for safety. We leave nothing to chance and we do not compromise on safety.

Inspecting with the naked eye
BKL has an eye for (complex) hoisting and lifting tools, providing you with information of the condition your tools are in. A visual inspection provides clarity and offers guarantees. Our experts will examine your tools, put their findings to paper and offer user advice. This allows you to reduce risks to an acceptable level.

Testing with overload
The proof of the pudding is in the eating. When safety is concerned, BKL is thorough. A test will prove the quality, physical condition and safety of your hoisting and lifting tools. Day-to-day practice will be simulated and will comprise an overload test, followed by a visual inspection. You will be provided with a report and user advice, providing you with the guarantee you are looking for.

Examining to every last detail
Minor causes may have major effects. Think, for instance, of micro cracks in welded constructions. When BKL examines your hoisting and lifting tools, you can rest assured this will be done to the very last detail. A specific method will be deployed to examine your tools and to determine the condition they are in. The results are then presented in a report and you are provided with advice on any repairs.

More information?
Would you like to know what BKL can do for you? We would be more than happy to make time to discuss inspecting, testing and examining with you.

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