Experts in Production

Specials production
Who would you entrust with the production of your small-scale, complex series? Or hoisting and lifting tools, components, industrial modules, machines and pieces of equipment?

BKL is an OEM for OEMs. We supply high-quality work for high-tech companies. In terms of production, we have a wide range of employable skills. We are, for instance, the go-to company for built to print, or for fully operational machines according to your specifications. Prototyping and functional models are examples of other specialties, as are cleanroom assembly and repairs.

Our employees make all the difference: professional, driven and always “up” for a challenge. But above all we are guided by the principle that equipment should contribute to safe working conditions. This is something we never compromise on.

Built to print: the right machines, the right capacity
Do you have a fully specified design you want to have produced? BKL will convert your design into a product. We produce small-scale series; efficient, with a short completion time and in accordance with your quality standards – all at the right price. We can provide a one-stop service for: milling, turning, assembling and grade 4 cleaning.

Prototype and proto shop: a better understanding of your possibilities
Prototypes require expert knowledge. BKL is accustomed to building them for our own products. We offer a surplus of knowledge and experience to have prototypes produced.

Quickly assess an idea? Our proto shop increases your possibilities and speeds up conceptualization. OEMs can have a functional model made from a draft (instead of an elaborated drawing). Our experts look beyond the issue and view it from a functional and safety standpoint. This will quickly provide you with an understanding of the potential of an idea.

Heavy duty cleanroom assembly
Cleanroom mechanical engineering in itself is a specialty, especially when heavy installations and components of up to two thousand kilos are concerned. This requires more than an overhead travelling crane alone; it requires professionals with above-average expert knowledge. Clean and lean, safe and sound. What do you want to have assembled?

Repairs: quick response during malfunctions and defects
Machine defects always occur suddenly and always at an inconvenient time. It is, therefore, necessary to have assistance at the ready. The BKL experts are stand-by with a 24-hour service. Our people carry out on-site repairs throughout the world. They are prepared, resourceful and driven to help you – whenever you need them, wherever you need them, reducing delays to an absolute minimum.

BKL Specials: our employees
The BKL specialists responsible for your production are all experts in their fields and passionate about safety.
They think with the end product in mind; they are
sensitive to what is needed, they anticipate actions and foresee consequences. They are full-fledged discussion partners and lines of communication are short, as efficient communication contributes to a high-quality end product.

More information?
Would you like to know what BKL can do for you? We would be more than happy to make time to discuss production with you.


BKL produces modules- and machines, hoist and lifting tools (and other safety related products).
Complexity varies from low to high where an outstanding quality level is required.

  • Highly skilled assembly engineers.
  • First time right !
  • Low volume parts are produced in house.
  • Well balanced supply base. Both national as international (high volumes).
  • Supply base selection based on “best equiped machine park” for required products.

BKL has a long track record with OEM’s in several market segments like: semi-conductor, analytical, medical, agricultural, automotive markets e.a.

  • BKL customized design
  • “Build to print”. Give us your drawings and we will be able to quote you accordingly.

!!! Quotations for “Build to Print” products  are made without any obligations !!!

Cleanroom Assembly

BKL has its own cleanroom assembly of about 120 square meters. Our Cleanroom, according to the “ISO 14664-1 cleanroom standards” ISO 7. The “FED std  209E equivalent” of this is Class 10.000. Furthermore, the Cleanroom is equipped with a two tons overhead travelling crane.

Activities in the cleanroom:

  • Assembly (modules, sub-modules, hoisting and lifting tools)
  • Cleanroom load tests with the aid of the two tons overhead travelling crane
  • Cleaning (manual)


Unburdening one-stop shopping

Our protoshop is characterized by flexibility, quality and solution-orientation. Producing prototypes/one-offs, we recognize better than anyone. Delivery time is often important, but should not be done at too great a cost for the quality and price.

To fulfil this, BKL decorated a “protoshop”. In the protoshop we make the required spare parts ourselves, by means of milling, turning and welding. Furthermore, we are building the prototypes for our Engineering Department here, but also prototypes and small series based on “Build-to-Print”.

Because we have a lot of expertise in house, our engineers are capable to generate designs for manufacturing and designs for assembly, during the concept phase by using the knowledge which is present with our proto builders.

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