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Product safety
For BKL, safety is of leading importance. Safety starts early in the design process of your new product. To determine whether your product is safe, a risk assessment is necessary to start with. In a risk assessment all possible risks in your design are identified and estimated (ranked). Risk reduction measures are taken to achieve adequate risk reduction. After many years of experience, BKL is specialized in implementing the best practical risk reduction measures and how to determine if adequate risk reduction is achieved.

Comply with EU legislation
When you, as manufacturer, bring your product to the European Economic Area, this product may need to comply with EU legislation. As a manufacturer you are responsible to bring a safe product on the market. To show this compliance with EU legislation, your product has to be CE marked, which shows that the product complies with all the relevant essential requirements for health and safety. Dependent on the kind of product, dedicated legislation is applicable, e.g. (list not complete):

  • Machinery directive
  • Low voltage directive
  • EMC directive

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to carry out the conformity assessment. BKL has the knowledge to inform you on which legislation is applicable for your product, what the purpose of it is and how to design your product to meet the legislations.

Technical Construction File
As the manufacturer of the product you are also responsible for the technical construction file of the product. BKL can advise you on which documents have to be created and why it is important to create these documents. We can also assist you in the creation of the documents. The technical construction file consists of (at least):

  • Documentation of the risk assessment
  • Strength and stability calculations
  • Test documents
  • User manual

Existing products
In case of existing products it can be necessary to determine whether the product is safe and  complies with the applicable EU legislation. BKL can assist you to do an initial risk analysis  to determine and estimate the risks. After this we can advise on actions to be taken.

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