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Services for additional options
Are you looking for knowledge and expertise outside of your particular line of business? BKL offers additional capacity. As a technical service provider in mechanics and mechatronics we combine knowledge and expertise in a broad service package.

We offer, for instance, consultancy, training, maintenance, repairs, reconditioning and tool management for your hoisting and lifting tools. This allows you to make use of additional capacity with which to create value, to increase efficiency and to promote safety.

A guiding principle for our work is our passion for safety. We leave nothing to chance and we will never compromise on safety. Our services are aimed at preventing incidents and dealing with (residual) risks in a responsible manner.

Consultancy: fewer risks, more safety
If you want to market a machine within the EU, you may have to comply with the Machine Guideline. How will you handle this? Our consultants will help you make inherently safe machines; risks will be assessed during the concept, design and proto phases. If required, we will define risk-reducing measures. We have specific expertise available regarding hoisting and lifting equipment and can also provide services for non-manually driven machines.

Training programmes for responsible use
Safe and responsible machine handling requires special skills. BKL offers dedicated training programmes for your employees: intensive, customized, at your site or at our Nuenen office. In groups of two and with a maximum of five participants, your employees will be instructed on risks and safe use. The training programme will last 1 – 1.5 days, is characterized by personal attention and is concluded by a practical test.

Maintenance: investing in continuity
Hoisting and lifting tools, pieces of equipment and machines, require occasional maintenance at set times. BKL offers guarantees. We ensure your investment is always in the best condition to enable safe operation. Maintenance is carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications, if necessary in consultation with our engineers. With a company workshop and experts, we are equipped for professional maintenance.

Repairs with a short completion time
BKL will expertly repair your hoisting and lifting tools, pieces of equipment and machines while always keeping in mind that safe use is of paramount importance for your employees. Completion times are short and parts can be manufactured by us. We have our own workshop and our experts are always optimally focused on each and every assignment.

Reconditioning as a means of sustainability
Are you considering a new lease of life for your machines? Is updating to increase safety an option? BKL reconditions. Remanufacturing can be economically attractive and reuse ties in with corporate social responsibility. This could be your take on sustainability.

Tool management: outsourcing pays off
Efficient management contributes to the best possible use of your tools. It also ensures they are in an excellent condition and ready to be used safely. However, efficient tool management takes time and requires expertise – especially when you have a considerable amount of tools. BKL can provide tool management for you, offers customization and guarantees the best possible availability.

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Would you like to know what BKL can do for you? We would be more than happy to make time to discuss the services we can provide you with.

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