Frans Pijpers, service engineer tells his story

Inspector for Hoisting and Lifting Equipment: Frans Pijpers

BKL offers a full-service tool management solution for high-quality hoisting and lifting tools, mechanics and industrial modules. Frans Pijpers, Inspector for Hoisting and Lifting Equipment, about his unique career and the challenges of customisation.

Frans originates from the automotive industry, with expertise in special equipment. He has been working for BKL since 2012 and now has about 40 years of experience in his field. ‘When I joined the company, I started with assembly and inspection. Soon I was offered an opportunity to become an Inspector for Hoisting and Lifting Equipment including Cranes, also known as inspector ‘above the hook’ and ‘below the hook’. I can tell you, at BKL it’s a trade of its own.’

‘During the training at EKH I learned the standard methodology. But here, the inspections are so much more specific. Some 20 percent of my work is directly related to what I learned during the training. Everything here is made to measure. There is no training for that. It’s a completely different level.’

‘We provide a wide range of testing and approval possibilities for operation and safety of hoisting and lifting tools. Because of my experience in the business, I quickly know what the status of a tool is in terms of performance and safety. Even so, every day I’m working on something different, something new. And that’s definitely the best thing about my job.’

[Quote] Frans Pijpers: ‘In my work there is no grey area: something is right, or it isn’t. When it comes to safety, we work with absolutes.’

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