”More than 20 years of BKL experience”, Specialist Technician Christ van Dinter tells his story

Specialist Technician: Christ van Dinter

BKL offers a full-service tool management solution for high-quality hoisting and lifting tools, mechanics and industrial modules. Christ van Dinter, Specialist Technician, about challenges, problem-solving skills and accuracy.

‘I’ve been with BKL for more than twenty years. Since a couple of years, 80 percent of my work consists of analysing and repairing incoming complex tools. My work is never dull. Sometimes an analysis takes me an hour or two, sometimes I’m working on it for more than a day. Whatever tool is involved, it’s always a new challenge. That’s good, because I like my job best when I’m trying to figure out a difficult problem.’

‘My profession is very independent, and I enjoy that very much. My knowledge and experience are appreciated by my employer and our clients, which also gives me the freedom to work according to my own knowledge and experience. The same goes for my colleagues.’

‘When a lifting or hoisting tool from another manufacturer is brought to us for repairment and inspection, the analysis is of course more challenging than when it’s one of our own tools. I then must rely on the documentation provided by our customer or the original equipment manufacturer. But my understanding of the functionality of a tool and the experience I have gained here over the past twenty years are almost always key to finding the problem.’

‘Based on my analysis, we can present a plan to our customer. In a rare case, we advise them not to proceed with repairs. For example, when it makes more sense to deliver a new tool. But most of the time we can map out an exact route to complete the repairs, inspection and approval.’

[Quotes] Christ van Dinter: ‘My work demands accuracy: the work field simply does not allow anything less.’

‘We vouch for our product and our service.’

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