Introducing our new Operations Manager

Hello to you all. I am Edwin Vermue, and I began working as BKL’s operations manager in February 2020. The start at BKL immediately felt good: a warm welcome by the colleagues, a unique service proposition with a broad scope in our market combination engineering, manufacturing and testing, and above all safety as highest standard. Of course, alongside all this professionalism there is also a warm family feeling.

Before BKL, I worked for almost 25 years as operational manager in several organizations: technical departments on trucks, trailers and other equipment, and also trailer production and in recycling of electronic equipment. In my first working years I noticed that besides my technical background I am particularly interested in other people’s ways of thinking. I like working with other people, promoting teamwork, and seeing how everyone’s strengths can contribute to the total. At a young age, I was given the opportunity to lead a technical department without managerial experience: I noticed that it gave me a lot of energy, and that people accepted me as a manager in their team. With training, trial and error, and using different improvement techniques (LEAN, SixSigma, and QRM for example), I have managed smaller and larger teams since then. I learned the importance of a safe working environment, a long-term vision, reliability (in all areas), and consistent leadership. The most beautiful thing is if people can develop themselves and make a continuously improving contribution to the primary process of the organization, together with their colleagues. It is my goal to capture and keep that energetic spirit in a team.

At BKL, all factors are in place to make the team more resilient to meet the needs of growth, taking into account the regular ups and downs along the way. We have a lot of professionals, a good spirit, and well-organized facilities. The management and owners have a clear view on the future, giving BKL enough to work on for the next years – and I am happy to have been given the opportunity to contribute to this future.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!


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