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BKL is a technical service provider in mechanics and mechatronics. We develop high-quality solutions, also for cleanroom applications, enabling clients to work smarter, more efficiently and above all more safely: hoisting and lifting tools, industrial modules and machines. On a daily basis, a team of forty experts work on inherently safe solutions. BKL is a dynamic and modern company whose key focus areas include engineering, inspections, services and manufacturing.

Electrical Engineer

In this job, you’re right at home in the area of equipment and machine engineering, and you’re part of the Engineering team at BKL. The Engineering department (30 employees) realizes a variety of innovative projects to develop new machines for our clients, which are then realized and delivered by our own Operations department. As an engineer, preferably with some experience, you will perform (parts of) projects as part of our team, from the specification to the realization of the end product. You inventory operation-related requirements, design the control boxes, perform thermal calculations, validate the PL level, stipulate tests based on the guidelines and support the production department in the manufacturing process of the machines.


Projectleiderschap zit in je bloed en technische kennis is een pré, je herkent risico’s en je bent creatief in het bedenken van oplossingen om zo je scherp gedefinieerde doelen samen met je multidisciplinaire team te bereiken. Je weet je omgeving te inspireren en je kunt anderen overtuigen van je doelen en ideeën, zonder teveel in details te treden. Je vind dat een project pas klaar is als alle externe en interne klanten tevreden zijn, en dan vier je met je team een feestje.

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