We have a new cleanroom, please check it out in the movie below.

Why a new cleanroom?
Because of the  increasing demand for clean assembly, testing and prototyping.
BKL is now future proof, and can handle the increased demands from their customers in the Semicon, optical- and medical branches.

Our Cleanroom specifications:
• ISO Class: 8 (ISO 14644-part 1)
• Measurements: ca. 540 m2, with an internal height of 4,65m
• Airlock for goods, with self-closing doors and a maximum entrance height of 4 meters
• Gowning room
• High-quality air conditioning units for heating, cooling and dehumidifying
• Flat panel walls and ceiling with good thermal and acoustic isolation properties
• Fully integrated (flat) LED panels for optimal lighting
• Windows with double safety glass for an open working environment


Thanks to ProCleanroom we are now ready for the future.

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